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Postcards: Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

These are the photos I took home from the beautiful Bagac, Bataan of the Philippine Island

Top Tips: Thrift Shopping 102

As promised, this is the SECOND PART of my Ukay post made last year! And, this is also a way of giving back (WOW HAHA) to those people who are there since the beginning. Thank you for letting me reach more than 30K followers on Instagram!! (@iamericcua on Instagram)

Sunday Thought: Struggles are Lessons

Yo guys! It's been quite some time since my last blog update.

I made this very personal post just to share my realization and the summary of what happened for my past five months. I want to help.

My Summer Must-Haves

Summer is already up and we can't just let these days pass without vacations, adventures and other activities!

5 Things On My Wishlist

This is my first time sharing my wishist. Don't worry because this is not a long story but rather a list of what I'm planning to have soon if my budget permits. More of like feeding my luho. Haha!

Immuki Island: New Gem in La Union, Philippines

After my vacation last week, I think this is just the right moment to make up all the backlogs due to not updating my blog for a few months. In this blog post, I'm going to share one of the places I visited. This is the Immuki Island from Balaoan, La Union. 

If You Have Done These, Your 2017 Is Awesome

Another year is almost ending and I want to share these three major things I did this year that contributed positively to my well-being.