COLORADES is Now Open!

Another year will pass by, but before that, let me introduce to you something which will make you look great.

2016 has been such a blessed year for me. Another milestone came along the way. After all the preparations, I am now opening an online shop, Colorades.


What is Colorades?

Colorades - pronounced as 'kə-lə-rādz\, “-rades” as in “raids”.
Colorades (“Look Great, Wear Colorades”) is an online shop which caters online community fashionable sunglasses and specs.

What makes Colorades a cut above the rest?

Colorades offers an affordable and good quality products. Not only will it add choices to your top online brands but is also committed to raise fashion awareness to communities through supplementing styles with trendy and up-to-date goodies.

How to reach Colorades?

Colorades can be contacted through its ONLY social media platform, Instagram - @coloradesph. Temporarily, all business transactions are to be made only on its mode of selling online, Instagram. As of now, the opportunity for development is looked forward for future expansion.

How to avail products at Colorades?

Placing an order up to receiving the product only comes in few easy steps.
1) Look for Colorades on Instagram-@coloradesph.
2) Choose your product.
3) Direct Message your order on Instagram.
4) Payments are to be made through bank deposit (East West Bank).
5) Present the deposit slip for proof of payment. 6) Product will be shipped.

Do you want to have Colorades for FREE? Colorades has something as an early Christmas gift for everyone. I am hosting a giveaway on my personal Instagram account - @iamericcua.
To get your FREE Colorades, just follow my Instagram account @iamericcua and @coloradesph and you’re done! That’s all you have to do!


-As simple as one step, you have now officially made your entry!
-Two winners will be randomly picked.
-Each winner will receive one Phillip edition of Colorades.
-Giveaway runs until November 19
-Winners will be announced as soon as possible.
Indeed, it is such a great happiness for me that starting today, I just don’t influence but also show my skills in business and entrepreneurship in this industry which hopefully soon will become one of the major categories of my blog.

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