Earth Toned

Hello everyone! In this blog post, I’m gonna share to you how I went out of my comfort zone when it comes to the tones of my OOTD.

As you guys can mostly see on my Instagram posts, I usually get out of my house wearing either black or basic clothes. OOTD shots on plain, clean and more often than not, white walls.
I have obsession in black and plain outfits like pullovers, jeans and sneakers because I think that’s where I’m comfortable(when people would always see me wearing black) and most of all, OOTD-ly safe.
Being able to experiment colors on my daily outfits is never easy, I bet you feel the same way too? Or nah? This is the reason why I challenged myself to try something which I thought didn’t define me on the first place.

The first thing came to my mind is to disregard all the possible dark tones I would wear. I love wearing oversized polo, pulling over longsleeves shirts or layering. Well, that’s how I style myself so I added new tones on that style.


Trying out something new doesn’t really mean changing yourself. It’s just a matter of going out of your comfort zone. That’s it. So for you guys, who might want to consider experimenting colors on your OOTDs, try out something you don’t usually end-up with when starting a regular day.

What tones you are up to? I can’t wait to see your OOTD post! Hit me up on Instagram(@iamericcua) and I’ll share my thoughts.

Jacket and Bottom from: Regatta

Photography by: Char Deocareza

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