21 Life Lessons I’ve Learned in 21 Years

I really feel blessed reaching this age. Throughout in life, we learn something everyday and I think these 21 things I’ve learned throughout my journey must be shared. Keep reading guys and I hope I can inspire everyone!

1. Change is good.
- Don’t be afraid of it. Always change for the better.

2. You are not perfect.
- It’s always okay to be bad at something. If you feel like someone is better than you, don’t forget that you are unique. You have your own weaknesses.

3. If you know you have a character flaw, fix it.
- Keep yourself improving everyday.

4. Let others keep talking while you silently work for your own success.
- You don’t need to shout your success because your friend does. Others waste time talking about their success instead of taking that time to proceed to the next level.

5. You were born naked. Don’t be ashamed of yourself.
- We all have our own flaws. If you feel ashamed of yourself, then you don’t deserve yourself.

6. You don’t need to defend yourself to others.
- Don’t waste your time proving yourself to others. You owe them nothing.

7. Stop talking about yesterday.
- Yesterday had passed by, talking about it makes no sense.


8. Forgiveness is where real peace at.
- If you don’t feel like forgiving someone, just try thinking today is your last day.

9. Listen more, talk less.
- Listening is where you get wisdom, talking is where you hurt someone.

10. Always look at the positive side.
- Even your darkest day has at least one positive thing, you are alive.

11. Nothing is impossible.
- If you can think about it, then it’s possible.

12. Dream big
- Go on extra miles just in case you fall short. Your dream is your fuel to success.

13. Never give up
- Giving up is not a solution, not even a last choice.

14. Work for the undeniable breakthrough
- Don’t let your dream be just a dream. Wake up, life is now, work for it!


15. Passion makes life easier
- If you don’t feel like doing it, then don’t. You can’t force yourself to do something you don’t love.

16. Life is now.
- Think about today, not yesterday, not even tomorrow. Buy something you need now, not something you hope you will need in the future because you might be forgetting your necessity today.

17. Communication is key to any relationship
-  Communication without understanding is just purely talking. Good communication calms all arguments.

18. Don’t let people guess what you feel.
- If you don’t express your feelings, don’t expect other people to understand you.

19. Nothing is free, work for yourself.
- Life is a pay to play. When you want something to happen, let it happen. Move!

20. Delayed gratification helps
- Resisting temptation is good. Resist getting your reward now or get no double rewards later.

21. Get rid of toxic in life.
- Sometimes, it’s good to let go of someone if the relationship is unhealthy.

I would like to thank the Lord for giving me strength to live everyday. Thanks to my parents, family and friends for the trust and love. This is another beginning and I promise myself to do better in life everyday. I hope you guys do as well!

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