10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Eric

I have been blogging since 2011 and there might be some things you probably still don't know about me! Keep reading!
Ever since I started blogging, I just keep myself private from other peeps and most of my readers know little about me. So I think, this blog post would best introduce myself after all. Haha!

I am pure Chinese both in blood and papers pero matatas akong managalog. Both of my parents were born in Manila so was I. I went to Chinese school from primary to tertiary education.

I am terrified of being enclosed to over crowded places as well as small spaces. I don't know if I can count it as claustrophobia but every time I get to experience it, I feel like I can't breathe and I hallucinate.

I had no girlfriend ever since because I live in a traditional Chinese family where it's highly anticipated that I'm gonna marry a Chinese girl. That's no problem with me. So whenever I am asked what do I look for a girl, I would say that she must be Chinese as well but as what others say, you can't teach your heart so I'll just cross with someone I meet on the bridge when I get there.  I had flings throughout my life naman. I'm not boring. Haha!

I'm kinda perfectionist. I remember back when I was in college (that was last year lang), when I was about to submit a term paper, I found something unusual in my work something like unnoticeable unaligned margin I think, and 30 minutes before the deadline, I re-edit everything and reprinted all of them considering that it was already in a hard bound cover.

I have a basic talent in arts. I just have full of ideas in mind and I love to conceptualize.

We are six children in the family including my three tall brothers, two sisters and me. I am the youngest and I get bullied all the time.

I started having my Instagram in 2012, Blog in 2011, Facebook and Twitter in 2009 having an unchanged username @iamericcua ever since.

I do cover songs before and upload it on Youtube but I realized that I sing no good so I dispatched everything and forget that part of me.

I can't sleep without blanket on even if it's burning hot.

I love kids. I even thought of wanting to have one as young as 16.


  1. Hahaha. It's true that the youngest in the family (just like me) gets bullied everytime. And thought also of wanting a kid, I always think that this will be a special gift for me.