My Taiwan Trip

Hello everyone! I'm sharing you a short film from my travel story in Taipei and Nankan Taiwan last June 2017.
After a couple of months, I have now successfully finished my first ever travel video (vlog? You judge. Haha!). We'll arrive there soon!

Well, when I got home from Taiwan, I didn't have enough courage and sipag to make a video that will satisfy my perfection. I edit no good. I don't have that much idea when it comes to video editing unlike images, not to mention the challenge of trimming a lot of clips just to make a cool transition. Everyday I face my laptop, it always goes like opening all the videos - trimming them - adding effects - watch the preview - add text - add music - not good enough - edit again - still not good enough - close - "You have unsaved changes, do you want to close?" - *clicks "YES"*. That's why it took me five months to edit this video!

Good thing, I was pressured to finish editing this after 12345 years because I woke up one day and I was like "Ay oh! Anong araw na? I'm already launching my new website and yet I still haven't finished editing my videos from Taiwan.".

Well, as I have mentioned, this is my first time doing this so, hahaha, just feel free to comment your thoughts, suggestions, not violent reactions down below!

What to expect? Hmn, I think this will be the start of my VLOGGING journey hahaha! I just have to wait for the outcome of this work and from there, I'll decide if I'm gonna create a next one. So guys, don't forget to subscribe huh?  Also, in this video, as you can observe, I seldom talk because hindi pa nga ako sanay gumawa ng vlog! Don't worry, I already made my research and of course, practice myself (I'm shy kaya, kidding aside). Practice makes one perfect and by that time, you won't see me shutting my mouth ever again.

In conclusion to that, I realized that blogging may be it a video or a website blog becomes phenomenal when the content is authentic parang autobiography! Haha, I'm serious.

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