My Summer Must-Haves

Summer is already up and we can't just let these days pass without vacations, adventures and other activities!

So far, my summer this year is doing good because I get to spend my time through travels and vacations. Of course, frequent out-of-town trips comes the travel essentials for a smoother vacay! Me, I make sure that the first thing I prepare is my must haves whenever I'm planning to go somewhere. Good thing that this year, Shopee helped me out to get whatever I need with just few taps on the app and not to mention the user-friendly system.

For some of you who doesn't know, I usually go out of my house having these essentials. This is the list of my summer must haves:

1. Water - to keep myself hydrated
2. Sunblock - of course, you can still enjoy the sizzling hot weather without damaging your skin
3. Sunnies - more than OOTD completer, it protects my eyes (get my sunnies on Shopee, oh diba, Shopee seller din ako, haha!)
4. Camera - for documentation purposes
5. Loafers - so whenever you hit the beach, your OOTD is timely
6. Deodorant - to keep myself fresh the whole day
7. Sling bag - I really am a sling bag person plus I won't sweat much vs when I'm wearing my usual backpacks
8. Face towel - because handkerchief can't handle my sweat

How 'bout you? What are your summer must haves? Don't forget to share it down below and if you're going to shop for your essentials on Shopee, use my suki code - BSUKIERICCUA - to get a discount! Take advantage of Shopee's 5.5 sale fam! 

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