Sunday Thought: Struggles are Lessons

Yo guys! It's been quite some time since my last blog update.

I made this very personal post just to share my realization and the summary of what happened for my past five months. I want to help.

Well, some of you might know about this but many are not. Back when I was in college, I had always thought of not working when I graduate. I don't know. But honestly, I just didn't like the fact the I'd make money for people who will only see me as a money maker. I thought that employment must be more than that. Having your colleagues as family at work and your workplace as a home. Maybe I was too young to think about that because that's not the real world.

I attended my first job as an Area Sales Manager, I was employed for almost a year. I was happy until I realized that something was missing. As days passed by, I got fed up to my career situation. I wanted growth until I resigned because I want to find myself. I want to explore more.

I landed my second job in a media company. I was very excited everyday. I was enthusiastic. All I thought was enjoyment and fulfillment when I was about to enter that company. I was wrong. I gave it a chance at first but day by day I became completely unhappy. I got yelled at almost everyday. I was embarrassed... in front of my colleagues. Instead of fulfillment, I felt like I made a way for people to make me feel that I can't do better, that I can't do anything. I was made to feel that I couldn't rise above the mediocrity I have allowed others to box me into. Yes, I was bullied at work.  All of these in just a month. 

As a careerman, I experienced an overwhelming breakdown. I lost my confidence, I lost myself.

I was asking, "Why is this happening? Why I let people do this to me? Is my achievement not enough?" A lot of questions were bothering me.

Those questions led me to make a decision to resign the day after I wasn't able to sleep thinking about these things.

But, if not for that company, I won't be able to realize what I really want to do in life. I won't be able to realize that being employed is not for me. I won't trust myself even more.

That was a risk, you know? I lost a high paying job with a wide network opportunity.

The day I resigned was the day I got a call from my school in college, Philippine Cultural College. They offered me a work as a part-time college professor. This maybe was the biggest plot twist I've ever had in my career. That moment gave me hope, That woah, someone still believes in me! 

I started teaching and later on, ventured into a business. I established my own clothing brand named after my late Dad, El Felipe. Yes, they warned me. They said it will be hard. Yes it is, pero wala namang madali sa buhay.

The risk of not having enough to pay for my own bills kept me wake every night thinking what to do next. If I get a new job, chances that I may experience the same thing twice, ayoko. If I'll establish my own business, hanggang kelan ko kakayanin?

 Leaving a job and entering business was a very hard decision. Imagine having an unstable income to support my goals in life. Leaving a job that gives me a monthly income for a business that in one big mistake will end up to nothing was not a joke. 

Guess what? I survived. I made it! I became more driven and a goal oriented person that I won't learn through any amount of money.

Yes, definitely I'm not yet there but I will surely be. What keeps me going is the progress I'm making for myself everyday. 

 I shared this because someone reading this might be experiencing it now. I want to share how my struggles turned into a priceless lesson. What you are experiencing now may be a lesson as well that you may have to encounter. But in the end, you'll also tell yourself "ah, yun pala 'yon, kaya pala". I'll not hesitate to use my voice to help.

My key takeaway: We may experience the worst things in life, but always remember, these things are planned for us to realize something, to learn that not all roads to take are smooth. Remember that in this judgmental world where you think that no one believes in you, always think that you believe in yourself and that counted as one.


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  2. This post is so inspiring to read! Thank you Eric for sharing your experience. I'm proud of you, you are an achiever and you are right for fighting back in life! Hoping that your business grow continuously and may God will always bless you.

    your chinese class seatmate

    1. Awe! I can feel the love! Hahaha! Thank you for dropping by!