Top Tips: Thrift Shopping 102

As promised, this is the SECOND PART of my Ukay post made last year! And, this is also a way of giving back (WOW HAHA) to those people who are there since the beginning. Thank you for letting me reach more than 30K followers on Instagram!! (@iamericcua on Instagram)

As we all know, style has been rapidly evolving for us millennials and therefore sometimes spending too much on buying clothes puts guilt in our wallets. Hahaha! Not to mention those IN styles for today and OUT for tomorrow.

And because inflation (and not puberty) hits us so hard, we have to save money, so UKAY SHOPPING HAUL NOTHING OVER PHP 100! Steal a style not more than PHP100. No problem!

After all the posts I've read from other girls about what they wear and alike and a lot of people are saying how harder for guys to get dibs on clothes from thrift shops, don’t worry dude. Here's a guy version of what I wear for some of you guys' reference. Patience and creativity is the key! In this blog post, I've added some aesthetic on my photos using a casual and daily locations we often pass by everyday (Hello Manila peeps). So, sit back, relax and read!

Here's what I usually do to get dibs on my fave styles at the thrift shop:

  1. Get yourself some inspo. Try challenging yourself pirating a style you've got from somewhere. But don't forget that an original style has always been iconic.
  2. Create a budget plan. For me, the main purpose of visiting thrift shops is to save. So bringing any amount above PHP 1000 is too much not unless you're taking home more than 4 trench coats or planning to get half of a rack from the store.
  3. Wear comfy clothes. Seriously, thrift shops are normally simple and not cozy (not to mention the smell and shopping environment -not all-). It will be a big help to wear easy-to-undress clothes because fitting bunch of clothes at the store is quite challenging (trust me).

  1. Trial and error - Simply looking at that bomber jacket and deciding it's nice is not advisable but not until you try to wear it and see yourself in the mirror. Some clothes look nice but not when you wear them and vice versa.
  2. Be creative - This is like doing a school project. Don't just limit yourself based on what you see. Try mix and matching, color coordinating and pattern playing. Remember, fitting is free.
  3.  Patience is a virtue.  Fitting 10 shirts and end up only buying 2 is normal. I highly advice to pool all the clothes you picked first so that you'll enter the fitting room once. This will save your energy and of course, to avoid long queues in fitting rooms just in case you'll keep on going back only to fit a shirt.
  4. Worry not for expensive thrift shops. If you find a shop that appears to be a bit costly for preloved clothes, I suggest not visiting them during "New Arrival" because this is when they put high prices on the clothes. Visiting them when they are "On Sale" is advisable but the thing is, clothes are much more uncategorized and it's quite challenging to look for a good one since they were already picked out by others, but if you're patient, then you'll probably get a good one.
  5. Don't forget to BARGAIN. One more thing I like about thrift shopping, they don't have this SRP and therefore bargaining at the cashier doesn't make one weird. From PHP 130, get your pick at PHP 100 only! (Wink at the cashier girl if needed boys)

  1. Wash them CAREFULLY and SEPARATELY. We don't know what's the history of the clothes we get from thrift shops and therefore we have to give extra attention when washing them.
  2. Wear them. What's the point of buying it if you'll not wear it?
  3. Take a photo of them. Sometimes, all those clothes need is an aesthetic owner so that we can get the full potential of those clothes. (Wow, so deep)
  4.  Post about it. Don't be afraid to let someone know that you're wise because you've got that ripped jeans for only PHP 100
  5. Share tips to your friends.  Don't forget to tell your friends how to get dibs on their fave style at thrift shops.

So, here is the list!

Jacket: PHP 60 | Shirt: PHP 40 | Shorts: PHP 40


Pullover: PHP 20 | Pants: PHP 60


Jacket: PHP 80 | Shirt: PHP 20 | Track pants: PHP 100


Polo: PHP 40 | Shirt: PHP 20 | Jeans: PHP 100


Polo: PHP 40 | Jeans: PHP 100


Polo: PHP 40 | Shirt: PHP 20 | Pants: PHP 60


Jacket: PHP 60 | Turtleneck: PHP 20 | Pants: PHP 40

Here are my top thrift shopping place:
πŸ“Thrift shops beside LRT Monumento station
πŸ“ Thrift shops along Karuhatan and Maysan Road in Valenzuela City

Getting yourself an OOTD nowadays is not difficult. All you have to do is to think outside the box and be creative!

Thank you for reaching this part fam! If you want to ask something, just fell free to comment it down below. And if you have a thrift shops suggestion, share it to others by commenting as well. Adios!

Shooting Location:
πŸ“ Sta. Cruz, Manila
πŸ“ Manila Chinatown

Thank you so much to my very friendly photographer!
Photography by: Jan Gonzales