大家好! 我是柯炳煌. Hello everyone! I’m Eric Cua, a Taiwanese guy from Manila, Philippines. I’m 22 and a BS-Business Administration graduate from a Chinese School in Manila. Having completed my degree as a Magna Cum Laude, I think my passion and determination will drive me towards my biggest goal, to have my own airline company someday. I currently work as a part-time college professor and a full-time social media influencer and entrepreneur.

Having given an opportunity, I have been pursuing my career in blogging and social media influencing where I can express myself through my own photographs, arts and even styles. I think reactivating in this industry would serve as a stepping stone for me to have what it takes to become an influencer.
WWW.ERICCUA.COM (Formerly “His Memoirs”) is a lifestyle and menswear blog where I can put all my thoughts, basically my life and style. The title of my blog is “The Dapper Memoirist - of the Urban Beltway”.
I started blogging since 2011 and stopped, thinking that I still didn’t have enough courage to express everything on the web. Now, I think I’m passionate enough to share my talent to everyone. Yas!
I’m the youngest among my siblings. Honestly, I have a lifelong infatuation with music especially the pop one. The most valuable personality I learned from my parents is being independent. I have this feeling that I want everything to be done all by myself because I feel like no one will do it for me. 
I’m a happy person specially when you get to know me more, I will always be seen laughing. However, I also have some serious side (expect me to be serious if needed). Others refer to me as suplado but that's just a disguise in case fire nation would attack, hopefully I'm serious by then. Haha! But when you see me somewhere, just wave at me!
I love taking photographs, sometimes I sing (I sing no good, haha) and I can count digital arts and modelling on the set of my talents (wow dami). When I was in college, we were exposed to technical stuff but guess what? I can say that I'm better with branding, creative designs and even multimedia content.
My mind don’t want to shut saying too many things but my keyboards do, so you better follow my blog to know me better. 再见!